PADI Specialty Instructor Thailand at Lanta Diver

Looking for PADI Specialty Instructor Thailand? At Lanta Diver, we offer a full range of PADI Specialty Instructors Training Courses. If you want to become a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT), or be able to offer your students more options, as Specialty Courses or as Adventure Dives during your Advanced Open Water Courses, then why not look to gain some PADI Specialty Instructor ratings with us here on the west coast of Thailand!

Our Specialty Instructor Training Courses are run by Koh Lanta’s only resident multi-Platinum PADI Course Director, Richard Reardon, and will prepare you to confidently teach these Specialties to your students. Rich has extensive experience working as an Instructor throughout the Asia Pacific region and has taught these courses in many different locations in varying conditions.

Teaching Specialties can be great fun, for both the student and the instructor. But also, with the latest revisions to the Advanced Open Water Course, being able to teach a few Specialties will mean you can offer different options during your AOW courses – such as Dive Against Debris, AWARE Shark Conservation, or dSMB use…

The Specialties available at Lanta Diver are as follows:

AWARE Shark Conservation Instructor1 Dive
Boat Diver Instructor1 Dive 
CoralWatch Coral Health Chart Instructor1 Dive 
Deep Diver Instructor2 Dives
Delayed SMB Diver Instructor1 Dive 
Digital Underwater Photography Instructor1 Dive 
Dive Against Debris Instructor1 Dive 
Diver Propulsion Vehicle Instructor1 Dive 
 Drift Diver Instructor1 Dive 
 Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor1 Dive 
 Enriched Air Instructor1 Dive 
 Environmental Impact Diver Instructor1 Dive
 Equipment Specialist InstructorNo Dives
 Fish ID Instructor1 Dive
 Gas Blender InstructorNo Dives 
 Manta Conservation Diver Instructor1 Dive 
 Multilevel Diver Instructor1 Dive
 Night Diver Instructor1 Dive 
 Reef Shark Awareness  Instructor1 Dive 
 Sea Turtle Awareness Instructor1 Dive 
 Search & Recovery Instructor2 Dives 
 Self-Reliant Diver Instructor1 Dive 
 Sidemount Instructor1 Dive 
 Thresher Shark Diver Instructor1 Dive 
 Underwater Naturalist Instructor1 Dive 
 Underwater Navigator Instructor1 Dive 
 Underwater Photographer Instructor1 Dive 
 Whale Shark Awareness Instructor1 Dive 
 Wreck Diver Instructor2 Dives 

The Specialty Instructor Training Course includes an academic session to talk through the standards and the skills, and then either one or two dives to conduct the skills on our local dive sites.

PADI Specialty Instructor Thailand – What do you pay?

The cost for PADI Specialty Instructor Thailand is 2,000 baht per boat trip, plus 2,000 baht per one-dive Specialty, or 3,000 baht per two-dive Specialty. You will also need to pay the PADI Application fees. The PADI fees, payable direct to PADI at the end of the training, would be AUD$111 for each Specialty Instructor rating.

We also offer a few five-Specialty Packages to help you on your way to becoming a PADI MSDT:

AWARE Shark Conservation1 Dive
CoralWatch Coral Health Chart1 Dive
Dive Against Debris1 Dive
Environmental Impact Diver1 Dive
Manta Conservation1 Dive
Package Price is 12,000 baht
AWARE Shark Conservation1 Dive
Deep Diver2 dives
Delayed SMB Diver1 Dive
Dive Against Debris1 Dive
Underwater Navigator1 Dive
Package Price is 13,000 baht
AWARE Shark Conservation1 Dive
Fish ID1 Dive
Manta Conservation Diver1 Dive
Sea Turtle Awareness1 Dive
Whale Shark Awareness1 Dive
Package Price is 12,000 baht
Deep Diver2 Dives
Delayed SMB Diver1 Dive
Search & Recovery2 Dives
Underwater Navigator1 Dive
Wreck Diver2 Dives
Package Price is 18,000 baht

Tailor-made packages are also available – please email for details:

PADI Pro Courses Koh Lanta Thailand
Divemaster Courses Koh Lanta
IDC Staff Instructor Thailand Koh Lanta
EFR Instructor Thailand Koh Lanta