PADI IDC Staffing credits at Lanta Diver

Are you a PADI IDC Staff Instructor looking for more experience teaching IDCs? Want to gain more PADI IDC Staffing credits and aiming to become a Master Instructor or a Course Director? If so, then we can help you reach your goals…

At Lanta Diver, we offer you the chance to come and staff IDCs alongside our experienced in-house multi-Platinum Course Director Richard Reardon. When you staff an IDC with us, you will gain experience and become better at evaluating candidate teaching presentations, and Rich can help you prepare and give IDC curriculum presentations to the candidates.

To become a PADI Master Instructor, one of the requirements is to have staffed two full PADI IDC programmes. At the end of the course, you will receive a copy of the Course Report Form, which you need to keep and include in your Master Instructor application as proof of the PADI IDC staffing credits.  If you have plans to go to be a Course Director, you also need to submit IDC Course Report Forms along with your CDTC application – the more the better.

Staffing IDCs alongside Rich will help you become a more confident and competent member of the Instructor Development team, and you will gain valuable experience working with IDC candidates, helping them pass their IEs with ease. Rich will give you tips on how to prepare to deliver the IDC curriculum presentations, and you will receive feedback at the end. You will also gain valuable experience in evaluating the candidates teaching presentations in the classroom, the pool, and in open water.

Please bring your PADI Confined Water Evaluation Slate and the PADI Open Water Evaluation Slate with you…

PADI IDC Dates & Schedule

IDC Staff Start IDC Start IDC Finish IE Start MSDT Prep
28 OCT ’21 30 OCT ’21 10 NOV ’21 11 NOV ’21 14 NOV ’21
01 DEC ’21 03 DEC ’21 14 DEC ’21 15 DEC ’21 18 DEC ’21
12 JAN ’22 14 JAN ’22 25 JAN ’22 26 JAN ’22 29 JAN ’22
10 FEB ’22 12 FEB ’22 23 FEB ’22 24 FEB ’22 27 FEB ’22

What do you pay?

The cost for staffing an IDC at Lanta Diver is 15,000 Thai baht. If you wish to staff multiple IDCs with us, please email and ask about the prices –

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PADI Specialty Instructor Koh Lanta Thailand
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