PADI Divemaster Training Thailand – Bronze Package at Lanta Diver

The PADI Divemaster Training Thailand Bronze package at Lanta Diver is a short training option for those with limited time. This package is aimed at those looking to become a PADI Divemaster and a better diver, but not necessarily looking to work in the dive industry.

To sign up for the Divemaster Bronze package, you should already be a PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent), First Aid and CPR certification within the last two years, have a medical statement signed by a doctor within the last year, and have close to 60 logged dives. We also highly recommend completing the Divemaster eLearning before you travel so you can maximise your time here in the water improving your skills.

Once here in Koh Lanta, your PADI Divemaster training Thailand will be overseen by our in-house multi-Platinum PADI Course Director, Richard Reardon. Rich is highly experienced, and will be here to guide you through the components of the course:

  • Skills Demonstrations
  • Mapping
  • Briefing
  • Leading Certified Divers
  • Divemaster Conducted Programmes Workshops
  • Practical Skills
  • Assisting On PADI Courses
  • Waterskills Assessments
  • Rescue Assessment
  • Deep Scenario
  • Search & Recovery Scenario

Here you can see a sample schedule of the PADI Divemaster Training Thailand Bronze Course:






PADI IDC Koh Lanta
21 Oct 201822 Oct 201823 Oct 201824 Oct 201825 Oct 201826 Oct 201827 Oct 2018
Paperwork, Orientation, The role of a Divemaster, DM VideoKnowledge Reviews1-3 Knot Workshop, Compass refresher, Skill CircuitBoat & Dive Site Orientation, Follow Boat MasterDive Site Set-up & Management, S&R Workshop, DSMB PractiseKnowledge Reviews 4 & 5, Emergency Assistant Plan, Skill Circuit & Rescue PractiseSkill Circuit, DSD in CW Workshop, Skin Diver & ReActivate Standards ReviewSkin Diver & ReActivate Workshops, Knowledge Reviews 6 & 7, Exam Part 1
28 Oct 201829 Oct 201830 Oct 201831 Oct 201801 Nov 201802 Nov 201803 Nov 2018
DLD Workshop, DSD in OW WorkshopSTUDY DAYSkill Circuit, 400m Swim, 100m Tired Diver Tow, Knowledge Reviews 8 & 9, Exam Part 2Assist Boat Master, Follow DMsAssist OW CourseAssist OW Course & 15 Minute Float/ThreadAssist OW Course
04 Nov 201805 Nov 201806 Nov 201807 Nov 201808 Nov 201809 Nov 201810 Nov 2018
Day OffDive Against Debris, Rescue Assessment, 800m Snorkel, Beach CleanMapping, Briefing, Lead Certified Divers WorkshopFinal Skill Circuit, Equipment Exchange, Hand in Map & Emergency Assistant PlanAssist Continuing Education CourseAssist Continuing Education CourseAssist Snorkel Guide
11 Nov 201812 Nov 201813 Nov 201814 Nov 201815 Nov 201816 Nov 201817 Nov 2018
Day OffDeep Scenario, Practise Briefing & LeadingLead Certified DiversLead Certified DiversLead Certification, Divemaster Certification !Oxygen Provider Specialty Instructor & DUP Specialty InstructorDUP Specialty Instructor

What do you pay?

The cost for the two-week PADI Divemaster Training Thailand is THB 25,000. In addition to this, you will also need to purchase a PADI Divemaster Crew Pak (8,500 Thai Baht) and pay the application fee to PADI at the end of the training (AUD$220). We strongly recommend you also paying for the Divemaster eLearning so you can spend more time in the water and less in the classroom when you arrive in Koh Lanta.

Want To Know More?

For further information about our PADI Divemaster Training Thailand, Bronze package, please email Rich –

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