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Lanta Diver season three!

New staff!
I know, I know! Too long since I updated the blog but better late then never, right? I can honestly say that our two first years were tough! A lot of time and energy […]

Why you should have your own snorkel and mask

Why you should have your own equipment
Even though Lanta Diver has very good rental equipment there are some reasons why it is better to buy your own snorkel and mask. For me it is all […]

Clean up, more diving and Try Dives

Clean up at Koh Haa and Koh Rok
The National Marine parks are closed during low season  (May 15 — October 15) so the reef can rest and recover. October 13-14 Lanta Diver, several other Dive […]

Back on Koh Lanta!

Ten weeks in Sweden
We left Lanta on June 6 to go back to Sweden for a long vacation. Our first season as Dive Shop owners has been a roller coaster, fun and scary at the […]

My favorite things to do on Koh Lanta!

Oh the joy of living on a tropical island! The sun and the sea, the beaches and the rain forest. The bright days and the dark nights. I am a true beach lover and Oceanholic […]

Haven’t been diving for a while?


Haven’t been scuba diving lately? Feeling a bit rusty?  No problem!
We meet divers of all levels. Most people we meet do not dive regularly (some of them did their last dive 20 years ago) and […]

Things I have learnt so far moving to Koh Lanta




Moving to another country is not easy, even if you are familiar with the place. Someone asked me what things I have learnt so far moving to Koh Lanta and I will try tell you […]

Thinking about time

Time flies!

I can not believe how quickly time passes by! It is now five month since we sold everything to move to Koh Lanta. When we came to Lanta in August the island was almost asleep […]

Diving around Koh Lanta

I did my first dives for the season yesterday! It was so good to get into the water again! We went to the Bidas and it was like swimming in fish soup. I absolutely love […]

Lanta Diver Shop Team!

The Shop Ladies at Lanta Diver
Since day one I have felt welcome and comfortable in the shop. This is thanks to the fantastic four; Steffi, Victoria, Julie and Bow! I adore these ladies and I […]