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Over the years Lanta Diver has helped many with Transfer, accomodations and wedding arrangements

Those who worked with this at Lanta Diver are Maj-Britt and Ulf. The dive business is handed over to Raymond and Kristin, who are the new owners of Lanta Diver. But do not worry, Ulf and Maj-Britt still arrange for Transfer on and around Koh Lanta, find and book accommodation according to your personal wishes, and can also make sure that you as couples are happily married with Koh Lanta’s beautiful beaches in the background. Last but not least Ulf and Maj-Britt make sure you can have dinner at Restaurang The Frog, located near Lanta Diver in Saladan.

Lanta Diver warmly recommend you to turn to Maj-Britt and Ulf for professional help with these questions. Are you only interested in diving? Contact or come to us at the Lanta Diver shop in Saladan or any of our 5 booking offices on the beaches of Koh Lanta.

Contact Maj-Britt if you need more information about Transfer, accommodation, wedding or to make a reservation at The Frog:
Tel. +66 (0) 8 1271 9050
E-mail: maj-britt@kohlanta.nu or maj-britt@lantadiver.se
Line ID: Majbritt

Welcome to Thailand and Koh Lanta!