Lanta Diver boat JD

Our second largest scuba diving boat

Her real name is Chandeetaweetrub 1 but we call her Lanta Diver Boat JD. This is like the baby sister of the Lanta Diver 1 boat.

A little bit shorter and a little bit less wide. Rebuilt and made for scuba diving and snorkeling day trips. Captain Deech and his crew welcome you onboard.

Please also check out our second big boat and our speedboat.

Lanta Diver boat JD

  • 18 m long and 4,5 m wide
  • Maximum speed 11 knots
  • 6-cylinder Hino engine

Pictures of Lanta Diver boat JD

PADI Open Water Course Thailand

Diving facilities

Lanta Divers second largest boat is JD. She have have a large diving deck where tanks and diving gear easily is set up. The jumping platform is well-sized and close to the surface for easy entry into the water. It also has long ladders on the side for easy exit back up on the boat. Of course, our boat crew is there to assist you.

We are also equipped with one high capacity air compressor that let us nice and easy refill the tanks between your dives. JD always has spare equipment if anything would not fit properly.

The boat also has two freshwater showers to get yourself rinsed off after you finish your dive.

Open Water Diving Course Koh Lanta

Safety facilities

There is a big tank with emergency oxygen in case something has happened. Our staff is trained in emergency response as well the use of oxygen.

The boat carries a well-stocked first aid box, life jackets, marine radio, GPS, several fire extinguishers and throwable floating rings.

All our staff is trained in how to use all safety facilities should it be needed.

Open Water Diving Course Koh Lanta

Comfort facilities Lanta Diver JD boat

Not least important is your comfort during the trip to the dive site. On the upper deck, we have a large seating area with tables. The seating area is shaded from the sun with a roof.

Lanta Diver JD boat also has rain covers that we quickly can pull down if it should start to rain. The boat also has a small kitchen area where we will serve you breakfast and lunch. There is an Icebox for keeping the soft drinks cold as well as hot water for coffee and tea.

In front of the captain’s cabin, there is a sundeck where you can lay flat and rest. There is a dry area on the lower deck with some bunkbeds if you want to take a nap and store your personal belongings. Also, the boat has two marine toilets and two sweetwater showers.

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