Diving Koh Rok

Diving Koh Rok is back on Lanta Diver’s Dive Schedule! The Koh Rok islands are the paradise islands everyone is searching for – soft white sandy beaches and lush green trees combined with crystal clear waters.

For many years Koh Rok has been a popular snorkeling destination, now we offer you the opportunity to dive around the islands!  The Dive sites around Koh Rok are suitable for all levels of divers. The Marine life is various with schools of Snapper, Moray eels, Powder blue surgeon fish, lots of False anemone clownfish (known as “Nemo”) and lots of Turtles!

Usually, when we visit Koh Rok we will have lunch on the beach. We try to avoid the crowds and go to the beach opposite the very busy beach. Diving Koh Rok with Lanta Diver tries to give you the best of everything available at this beautiful place.

Don’t forget to explore the island in search of the famous Monitor Lizards and Land Hermit crabs!

This trip is suitable for all ages and abilities. Please contact Lanta Diver if you are interested to join us.

Koh Rok in Summary

  • Scheduled: Approximately once per week
  • Journey Time: 1 hour 15 minutes by speedboat
  • Departure Time: 8 am
  • Return Time: between 3 pm – 4 pm
  • Depth: 10 m – 20 m
  • Visibility: Average 15 m – 25 m
  • Current: Mild
  • Ability: All levels of diving
  • Marine Park Fee payable

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