Diving Koh Haa

Diving Koh Haa in the Andaman sea has something for everybody to enjoy!  The Koh Lanta National Marine Park includes the five islands called Koh Haa, which is simply stunning in every way and by far our most popular diving and snorkeling site.

The jagged limestone karsts of Koh Haa rise majestically out of the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea to create an idyllic haven for passing whale sharks, turtles, and a myriad of multi-coloured tropical fish of all shapes and sizes. Above the surface, Koh Haa, which means Five Islands in Thai, is stunningly beautiful with the three central islands forming a shallow lagoon area with a small white-sand beach. The protected lagoon teems with marine life and offers superb family-friendly snorkeling, and can also be enjoyed by scuba divers of all levels.

The other two islands of diving Koh Haa, Koh Haa #1 and Koh Haa Yai, are surrounded by deeper water and are famed for their underwater caverns and swim-throughs, the Cathedral as well as for their big-fish encounters.

Koh Haa in Summary

  • Scheduled: Every 1-2 days
  • Journey Time: 2 hours on the big boat
  • Departure Time: 8am
  • Return Time: between 4pm – 5pm
  • Depth: 5m – 30m
  • Visibility: Average 15m – 25m
  • Current: Mild – Medium
  • Ability: All levels of diving and snorkeling
  • Marine Park Fee payable

We all simply love diving Koh Haa

Everybody at Lanta Diver loves the diverse diving at Koh Haa, and we run regular trips with our scuba diving boats to afford you the opportunity to revel in its beauty and tranquillity. Our comfortable big boats leave Saladan at 8:00 am, and the journey starts with a western style cooked breakfast and coffee. During the two-hour journey, your Divemaster or Instructor will assist you in setting up your equipment before providing a thorough dive or snorkel briefing to truly whet your appetite and heighten your anticipation for the memorable sealife encounters that await.

The first dive

Diving Koh Haa Lagoon is often the first dive site of the day. The calm, shallow waters inside the three central islands are perfect for snorkelling and for first-time divers. The deeper waters outside the lagoon are delighting the more experienced divers with their soft corals and abundant marine life.

The vertical walls on the outside of the lagoon are peppered with colourful soft corals swaying in the gentle currents. Huge schools of yellow snapper and barracuda swirl above the reefs, and the cracks and crevices in the rocks provide cover and protection for ornate ghost pipefish, harlequin shrimp, and a multitude of moray eels. The eagle-eyed can spot stonefish and spearing mantis shrimp hiding in the sand, and if the dive gods are smiling, you may be rewarded with a gentle whale shark cruising past in the blue.

Koh Haa in the Andaman Sea is simply the best

After a surface interval and refreshments on the boat, it’s time for another informative briefing before the boat glides over to the second dive site. Koh Haa Yai, with its stunning topography, is a popular choice for the second dive. Experienced divers can explore the Cathedral, a huge underwater cavern where shafts of light penetrate and softly illuminate.

Outside the Cathedral, the interesting rock formations are blanketed with brightly coloured soft corals, and resident turtles can be seen chomping on patches of bubble coral on the reef. Keep one eye on the blue and keep your fingers crossed for that big, spotty fish cruising past too.

Two or three dives when diving at Koh Haa?

After the second dive, it’s time to refuel with some delicious Thai food, and you can then choose whether you would like to join the third dive after the surface interval. Often the third dive of the day will be at Koh Haa #1 with a spacious fish bowl at the top. The fish bowl swim-through can also be enjoyed by beginners.

The large boulders in front of the Chimney provide interesting swim-throughs and hiding places for seahorses, frogfish, and spiny painted lobsters. The warm water surrounding Koh Haa #1 drops down to 30 metres in places.

Scouring the deeper sandy bottom occasionally rewards lucky divers with a rare guitarfish sighting or even a bullshark! There’s also always the chance of a whale shark coming in to wave us goodbye before we head back on board for the journey home to Koh Lanta.

Want to go snorkeling or diving Koh Haa? Please contact Lanta Diver.

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Underwater environment and marine life of Ko Haa in the Andaman sea

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