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Diving for kids Koh Lanta


Welcome to Diving for kids Koh Lanta , a way to get your whole family involved in diving! Under 10 years old and want to try diving? Are you and your family are looking for something to do together? Why not have a look at Bubblemaker, a perfect way to try breathing under water!

Who else doesn’t like bubbles?! The Bubblemaker program gives your children a chance to experience a new way to blow bubbles underwater with scuba gear on. This short course is designed for kids from 8 years up to experience what it is like to dive. With parent’s approval, kids can learn how to set up Dive gear and understand how it works, and learn to control their buoyancy in a swimming pool. This fun short course is the perfect introduction to Scuba diving before they are old enough to get their Open water certification. We love when families come together to explore the underwater world, Diving for kids Koh Lanta is the perfect way to start!

Your kids will learn:

  • Basic introduction of how to use scuba gear
  • How to clear a regulator and mask
  • An overview of breathing dos and don’t

Bubblemaker in Summary

  • Minimum Age: 8 years old
  • Price : 1,500 Baht
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Place: Pool
  • Ratio: (Instructor:Student)  1:2


Discover Scuba Diving – Diving for kids Koh Lanta

Looking for some more diving adventures together with your family? The Discover Scuba Diving program (DSD) is the program that introduces you to scuba diving in the sea. The program allows you to breathe and explore the underwater world for the first time. Children who are interested in this program must be 10 years or older. The maximum depth for DSD divers is 12 meters/40 feet. There is no prior scuba diving experience needed. This is a one day program which allows you to dive and explore the amazing underwater world. If you have ever wondered what is under the water, why not give it a try and let the underwater adventure begin. This is Diving for kids Koh Lanta but also for their parents!

Discover Scuba Diving in Summary

  • No Experience Necessary
  • Medically fit : Click Here to check Medical Questionnaire
  • Minimum Age : 10 years old
  • Maximum 2 students per Instructor
  • One Day – 2 dives
  • Dive Sites: Koh Ha or Koh Bida
  • Price : 4,500 baht (excluding Marine Park Fee)
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