Diving Koh Maa shipwreck park Koh Lanta

We have a new dive site close to Koh Lanta!

On December 15 2021, EnLive Foundation, Thai Royal Navy, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, sank three ships just outside Koh Maa. 

This ‘Shipwreck park’ is designed to promote conservation, environmental awareness and encourage existing ecosystems.  Up-cycling at its best!  Explore these mysterious vessels and observe how nature begins to engulf everything in its path. See baby corals and schools of fish establish themselves where there once was nothing. Nearby there is an existing reef that in time will spawn and grow over these sunken treasures. Some nudibranchs have already found their new home here. 

Koh Maa wreck park is ideal for divers of all levels as these Ships sit at 12m, 18m and 24m depth. This site is also good for AOW adventure dives. Dives here are recommended for anyone interested in marine conservation. With repeated visits undoubtedly a reflection of nature‚Äôs time lapse. Each time we visit we observe a little more marine life growing and additional species establishing themself! 

Please contact Lanta Diver if you should be interested to go diving at Koh Ma Shipwreck park.

Planned development

When the shipwreck park is ready it will be 11 wrecks in total in the area. Diving is possible all year around and is a great asset for the diversity of dive sites departing from Koh Lanta.

Environmental issues

To protect the environment, the ships are purged of all oils, hydraulic fluids, and dangerous chemicals such as PCBs. Much of the superstructure may be removed to prevent the hazard of it eventually caving in from corrosion. Similarly, the interior of the ship is gutted of components that corrode quickly, and would be dangerous to divers if they came loose.

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