Lanta Diver Dive Schedule Koh Lanta

Lanta Diver has a fixed Dive Schedule Koh Lanta during high season. We are running dive trips and snorkeling trips to the famous and pristine dive sites that are easily reached from Koh Lanta with our 2 big boats and our speed boat. Check out Lanta Diver Dive sites here.

Lanta Diver is open all year round for daily diving and snorkeling trips.

During Low Season (Green season, May – October) we run regular trips but without a fixed Dive Schedule depending on weather conditions.

Any day that you dive with Lanta Diver you will be picked up from your hotel or villa and brought to Lanta Diver shop before the boat departs. During the day we provide breakfast and lunch, fresh fruit, coffee, tea, water and soft drinks. Upon returning to Koh Lanta you will be dropped off at your hotel or villa.

Dive Schedule Koh Lanta April

DatumDayBig Boat 1Big Boat 2Speed Boat
1st AprMondayKoh Bida – 3 DivesWreck / Reef
2nd AprTuesdayKoh Ha – 3 DivesHin Daeng / Hin Muang
3rd AprWednesdayKoh Bida – 3 DivesKoh Rok
4th AprThursdayKoh Ha – 3 DivesHin Daeng / Hin Muang
5th AprFridayKoh Bida – 3 Dives
6th AprSaturdayKoh Ha – 3 DivesHin Daeng / Hin Muang
7th AprSundayKoh Bida – 3 DivesKoh Rok
8th AprMondayKoh Ha – 3 DivesWreck / Reef
9th AprTuesdayKoh Bida – 3 DivesHin Daeng / Hin Muang
10th AprWednesdayKoh Ha – 3 DivesKoh Rok
11th AprThursdayKoh Bida – 3 DivesHin Daeng / Hin Muang
12th AprFridayKoh Ha – 3 DivesTrain Wreck
13th AprSaturdayKoh Ha – 2 Dives
14th AprSundayKoh Bida – 3 DivesHin Daeng / Hin Muang
15th AprMondayKoh Ha – 3 DivesKoh Rok
16th AprTuesdayKoh Bida – 3 DivesHin Daeng / Hin Muang / Koh Ha
17th AprWednesdayKoh Ha – 3 DivesKoh Rok
18th AprThursdayKoh Bida – 3 DivesHin Daeng / Hin Muang
19th AprFridayKoh Ha – 3 Dives
20st AprSaturdayKoh Bida – 3 DivesHin Daeng / Hin Muang / Koh Ha
21st AprSundayKoh Ha – 3 DivesKoh Rok
22nd AprMondayKoh Bida – 3 DivesKoh Ha – 2 DivesWreck / Reef
23rd AprTuesdayKoh Ha – 3 DivesHin Daeng / Hin Muang / Koh Ha
24th AprWednesdayKoh Bida – 3 DivesKoh Rok
25th AprThursdayKoh Ha – 3 DivesHin Daeng / Hin Muang
26th AprFridayKoh Bida – 3 Dives
27th AprSaturdayKoh Ha – 3 DivesPrivate CharterHin Daeng / Hin Muang
28th AprSundayKoh Bida – 3 DivesPrivate CharterKoh Rok
29th AprMondayKoh Ha – 3 DivesWreck / Reef
30th AprTuesdayKoh Bida – 3 DivesHin Daeng / Hin Muang / Koh Ha


Here you can download Lanta Diver Schedule Koh Lanta for April in PDF.

Dive Schedule Koh Lanta

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Dive Schedule Koh Lanta

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