Kled Gaeow Wreck Diving, Koh Lanta, thailand

Diving Kled Keaw Wreck

The Kled Keaw Wreck is a dive site to the east of Koh Phi Phi Leh. Originally built for the Norwegian Royal Navy in 1948, it was later acquired by the Royal Thai Navy and the Coastal & Marine Resource department to create an artificial reef.

Sunk in 2014 Kled Keaw is an oasis in the middle of the ocean, teaming with marine life both big and small. Schools of pelagic fish gravitate towards the wreck in search of an easy meal. Smaller tropical fish find refuge in its many nooks and crannies, while macro species cover the structure. When Diving Kled Keaw Wreck Sharks, Turtles and Rays have been encountered on occasion. The wreck is 47m long and 8m wide and sits at a maximum depth of 26m. The top of the wheel house is around 14m and below the wheel house there are two further decks to explore. Diving Kled Keaw Wreck gives you one wreck dive and one dive at the reef Hin Klai.

Kled Keaw Wreck in Summary

  • Scheduled : Every 4-5 days
  • Journey Time : 45 minutes by Speed Boat
  • Departure Time : 8am
  • Depth : 5m – 26m
  • Visibility : Average 10m – 20m
  • Current : Medium to Strong
  • Ability : Advanced Open Water
  • Hin Klai Reef

    Hin Klai is a small submerged pinnacle to the east of the Phi Phi Leh. The top of the pinnacle is 6m dropping down to between 13m – 17m. The site is covered in huge rocks with a wide variety of corals including Anemones, Staghorn corals and Gorgonian fans. There are schools of snapper and you have a good chance of seeing Leopard sharks and stingrays.