Daily Dive trips Koh Lanta

Lanta Diver operates Daily Dive trips Koh Lanta and we are open all year around. Being located on Koh Lanta means that we are fortunate enough to have easy access to the premium diving and snorkeling sites of Thailand.

Once you have confirmed your reservation for Dive trips Koh Lanta, relax and let our team at Lanta Diver take care of the rest. We will pick you up in the morning and bring you to the dive center where you will meet your PADI professional who will take care of you for the rest of the day.

We carefully hand-pick our team of friendly and professional PADI Instructors and Dive masters, who can speak a variety of languages including Swedish, English, German, French and Thai.

Once aboard the boat, the first thing we will do is provide you with a proper breakfast! You will enjoy freshly cooked bacon, Chicken, egg, cheese, salad, bread, toast and jam. You also have unlimited access to coffe, tea, soft drinks and water during your diving or snorkeling day with Lanta Diver.

The Boat trip

During the relaxing journey to the dive site your Dive master or Instructor will individually brief your group about your diving or snorkeling activities and supervise your equipment set up. To ensure your diving experience is personal, we always dive in small groups so there will never be more than four divers to each Dive master or Instructor. Furthermore, our primary aim is to match divers in groups of equal experience levels which will ensure your whole diving experience with Lanta Diver’s  Dive trips Koh Lanta is first class.

Traditionally we always scheduled our trips around two dives per day, but we have realized that divers just want to dive……as much as possible! In response to this, we now offer an optional third dive in the day on most Diving trips to Koh Ha and Koh Bida. In some Dive trips to Hin Daeng / Hin Muang we make a third dive at Koh Ha on our way back to Koh Lanta.

For those who find two dives is enough, don’t worry, snorkeling or even a little sleep on the sun deck is available as an alternative to the third dive. In between your dives you will of course eat! You will be served a delicious Thai lunch, with three different options (at least one vegetarian), fresh fruit, and you are welcome to help yourself to unlimited soft drinks, tea/coffee and water throughout the day.

On the way back to Lanta your Dive master will give a full debriefing of your dives, including fish identification and logbook completion. If we had a photographer on board your trip, then you can view the shots of yourself underwater, on the boat, and have the option to purchase them as a souvenir of your day.

Once back on land you have time to browse our retail store, check out the Lösgodis/Candy, and chat to our shop staff about future diving arrangements /  Diving trips Koh Lanta. Of course our driver will take you back to your resort.


We welcome all snorkelers to join one of our Dive boats to Koh Haa, Koh Bida and Koh Rok! We will pick you up at your resort in the morning and bring you to the shop where you will meet one of our lovely staff who will take care of you for the rest of the day. During the trip we serve breakfast, lunch, fruit, tea/coffee, water and soft drinks. To make sure you get the most out of your day we always provide a Dive Master as a snorkel guide. Your guide will give you a safety briefing before you jump in the water. In the water the snorkel guide will show you the best the underwater world has to offer!  There will be between 7-8 snorkelers to each Snorkel guide and we try to match snorkelers with equal experience if possible. We have life jackets even for small children and a buoyancy aid you can rest on if you get tired. If you want to bring kids who do not want to snorkel, or are too small, we can even arrange a babysitter! All of our Dive trips will take you to two different drops at the Dive site, sometimes three, depending on the trip you choose. We know we charge a bit more than the speedboat companies, but we promise you will get value for money! So, bring your family and friends for a fun day at sea!

Private Charters

Dive trips with our big boat is a lot of fun, but sometimes you might want to try something different. Maybe you fancy a private day out with no other tourists on board?  Our speedboat is perfect for exactly this. We can design a day trip for you which specifically meets your personal wishes. Whether you prefer diving, snorkeling or sunset cruises, we will make sure your private charter is a day to remember.

It is so simple – you tell us what you want and we will take care of the rest!

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