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About us

Lanta Diver history

Lanta Diver was originally established by Swedish partners : Ulf, Maj-Britt and Thomas in 1999. In 2017 Raymond and Kristin Hellmark aquired Lanta Diver. They have been involved on Koh Lanta for many years and they are very happy to finally have taken the step to move from Sweden to Koh Lanta full time!

Raymond and Kristin have great experience in the hospitality and service industry and Raymond is also a trained PADI Instructor. Diving is their passion which they hope to share with you. They bring their 3 kids to Lanta for new adventures and a new way of life. They have the motivation and passion to carry on after Ulf, Maj-Britt and Thomas and can’t wait to meet you.

Kristin: ” Our first visit to Koh Lanta as a family was in 2006 and ever since, we have spent several months on the island. We have always been diving with Lanta Diver and have always appreciated the great atmosphere, the professionalism and the outstanding staff. The desire to move to Thailand had grown within me for a long time, but the possibility to make a living in Thailand just felt to difficult. When the opportunity came to aquire Lanta Diver it felt like it was meant to be! Absolutley one of the best descisions I’ve made so far. To run a business in Thailand is not easy and it was hard for our kids in the beginning, but it’s really worth it. I have no regrets what so ever.”

Raymond: ” I love Koh Lanta and the diving here. I did my Dive Master training with Lanta Diver many years ago and have always thought Lanta Diver is the best Dive center in Koh Lanta. In 2014 Kristin suggested we should try to live in Koh Lanta for a longer time and I must say I was a bit reluctant at first. She managed to pursuade me and we tried the island life for six months and I simply loved it! When we got back to Sweden all I could think about was how we could go back and for how long. And here we are, Dive center owners living in Koh Lanta! It is a dream come true! “

Our Staff

Our main shop in Saladan is co-ordinated by our experienced management team, Julie, Bow, Steffie & Victoria.  They will do their outmost to provide you with their honest, expert opinions and up to date information regarding our local diving and snorkeling activities. Behind the scenes they will ensure your day runs smoothly right through from your pick up in the morning, to the moment we drop you back off safely at your resort after an enjoyable day out at sea.

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