Equipment Service Centre


Here at Lanta Diver we are extremely happy to have an on site technician, Ek. Ek can pretty much fix most things mechanical or electrical and if he can’t he will find you a solution.

Ek spends an enormous amount of time regularly maintaining and servicing our rental equipment and tanks to the highest standards. Ek also gets landed with every other “odd jobs” we need doing too!

Ek is fully trained and qualified to service a whole range of manufacturers equipment including: Scubapro, Sherwood Scuba, Mares, Aqualung and Suunto. Ek is also very handy with all things electrical too, so if you have a problem with computers or phones please pop in and see him. So instead of traveling all the way to the mainland, come and speak to Ek to see if he can fix it.

So if your gear needs a service, please do not hesitate to let us know.