Lanta Diver is Closed

The island has been shutting down little by little over the past weeks due to the pandemic COVID-19. On March 24 it was our turn, and Lanta Diver closed.  We normally run Dive trips every day until may, when it starts to slow down, so to close this early just felt so weird. With a beautiful ocean, amazing Dive sites and so much to explore beneath the waves it was hard to turn customers down. Even so, we absolutely think it was the right decision. Our biggest concern when closing was of course our staff. They had to quit same day, without a notice. Some chose to fly back to home, and some chose to stay. Some couldn’t find a flight back and was forced to stay on the island. It is awful to shut a business that is running well and tell your staff to leave. Just awful. So many businesses on the island struggling to survive, and so are we.

The island is closing

Today not many businesses are open. Restaurants are allowed to sell Take away, but many choose close. No bars are open, the fitness centers are closed and most of the markets. Hotels are also closing. Swedish school Sanuk closed two weeks ago. The management of the school, the teachers and the principal have been very supportive and innovative to support the children. School work is being done at home with assignments sent from the teachers via e-mail and the possibility to get tutoring via Messenger. I really think Sanuk School has handled this situation very well!


Saladan is very quiet

BCD:sout of work

Three boats waiting for better times

I havent’ been outside the area where we live in almost two weeks bur today I had to go to Saladan. Weird atmosphere and the streets are empty. We all have to wear a face mask outside and we are not allowed to meet in groups with more than 5 people. The authorities recommend everyone to stay at home. Today my husband Raymond was stopped outside the area where we live and was asked where he was going. He got the information that we can go shopping one time/day and we can take our dogs to Lanta Noi one time/day. But, we cannot go together with the whole family. This is sad news since we really enjoy the beach walk on Lanta Noi together with the kids.

The curfew has been changed many times but for now it is between 8 pm and 5 am. Koh Lanta is going to close any day now and no one can come to the island, or leave, unless it’s absolutely necessary. But, even if times are difficult and at times frustrating it could be so much worse. We are all healthy, we have food on the table and I feel pretty safe on Koh Lanta. So far. I miss my family in Sweden and I worry about my sister who works with COVID-19 patients the ICU.

Daily life

During these times I feel it is crucial to keep to your routines. When you don’t have a work to go to, no one to socialize with, kids not in school it’s hard. The challenge for families is to stay sane when you spend so much time together. For people living alone the challenge is to stay sane when spending a lot of time on your own.

So, what do we do during the day? We try to catch up with things we didn’t have time do before, like fixing things in the house and re-organizing the closets, you know all the fun things :-)). We still have some stuff to take care of in the office at Lanta Diver. We walk the dogs, watch Netflix, play Monopoly, watch the sunset. We also decided to reach out to Lanta Animal welfare. They don’t have enough staff and a lot of dogs and cats to take care of. Some animals already adopted but cannot fly to their forever home. To help out we are going to foster a puppy for a while. Her name is Else and she is just adorable! Charlie is not super happy about it, but things are getting better day by day.



Life goes on. I wish all the best for all of you. Stay safe! This shall also pass.