I’ve always wanted a dog but it has never been a good time to get one (work, kids etc). When we moved to Koh Lanta I had already decided that it was time!  I knew I wanted to adopt a dog from Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW) because there are so many dogs that needs a forever home. We went there a few times and met two different dogs but they just weren’t right for us. Then Charlie came to the center and we took him for a walk and I instantly fell in love with him! He was so calm and friendly and the perfect size. Charlie the shop dog was rescued from Klong Thom outside Krabi. I think a tourists found him in an alley in a quite bad shape. He had skin rashes that made his fur disappear. He was brought to the center and he was treated for the skin condition and when we first met him his fur was much better.

When Charlie came to us we found it quite difficult to walk with him on the beach because of all the other dogs staying in Klong Dao. Charlie was scared and the dogs kept chasing him. This also made me a bit insecure and for a while I avoided the beach. After a while we discovered that most of the dogs on Klong dao were friendly and that we just needed to be firm and encourage Charlie to help him regaine some confidence. Even if we feel OK now walking Charlie on Klong Dao, our favorite place for a doggy walk is on the huge beach on Lanta Noi. No people, no other dogs.

Charlie came with us to the shop from day one and he really enjoyed being there from the first moment! All our shop staff are dog lovers which makes everything very easy. Charlie is such a friendly dog and our customers really likes him and loves to give him some cuddles. He is the boss of the sofa in the shop so you have to ask him nicely if you want to sit there :-).

Lanta Animal Welfare

Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW) is a non-profit charity on Koh Lanta. I am sure most of you have heard about them and also visited the center. The welfare center is situated in Long Beach across the road not far from Relax Beach. LAW was founded in 2005 by Junie Kovacs and her mission was to end suffering of the hundreds of homeless, abused and injured animals on Koh Lanta. LAW has the only veterinary service on the island and they provide first aid, vaccinations and sterilization for both strays and owned animals.  LAW also run mass sterilization and vaccination on islands around Koh Lanta and on the mainland through mobile clinics.


Lanta Animal Welfare have cats and dogs available for adoption.  Adopting Charlie was really easy and if you are thinking of buying a dog or a cat, adopt one instead! LAW will help you with all the paper work and flight volunteers will help to get your pet home!

How to help

LAW do not get any official funding and need all the donations they can get. Lanta Diver support Lanta Animal Welfare by donations and other fundraising events. Other ways to help is to become a volunteer, walk the dogs, donate medical supplies and sheets and towels for bedding.

In October every year the Swedish schools on Koh Lanta organize something called The Lanta Jog where pupils, parents and teachers participate. Each participant donate some money to take part in the jog and all money goes to LAW. Absolutely brilliant!







Charlie is about three years old now but he still looks like a puppy. His best friend is Junior the cat (also adopted from LAW) and they play together in our garden. Junior is like a dog trapped in a cat’s body! He behaves like a dog and when he stayed at LAW he helped the puppies to socialize, how funny is that?

Welcome to our Dive centre in Saladan to say hello to Charlie the shop dog!