“Don’t ask me why I Scuba dive, ask yourself why you don’t”.

If you are medically fit, love the ocean and are a curious person who likes a bit of a challenge, Scuba diving is for you! Maybe you have thought about it for a while but it still feels bit scary. Maybe you think it’s too difficult and complicated. Maybe you think it’s dangerous. Yes, it can feel a bit scary since you probably spent your whole life above surface. Yes, it is a high risk sport, but that is why Scuba diving is a lot about safety and diving within your limits. A PADI Open Water Course only takes 3-4 days and then you can dive anywhere in the world! A certification is for life and I can promise that you will not regret it.






Cool things about Scuba diving

Well, to start with, breathing underwater is pretty cool! Also, the feeling of being weightless is a very nice sensation. When you are underwater you’ll only hear the sound of your own breathing and you can focus on being here and now. You will not be distracted by all the background noise of life, which is very therapeutic! Scuba diving opens up a new world and if you bring your camera you can show your friends and family all the cool stuff you’ve seen. Scuba diving is something the whole family can do together (from 10 years of age) and you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people from all around the world. Not to forget, divers also look very cool with all the dive gear :-).



What to expect when Scuba diving in the Andaman sea

The Andaman sea offers some of the best diving in Thailand. The underwater topography is impressive and there are caves, deep drop offs, swim throughs and more. You will see beautiful soft and hard corals, sea fans and incredible diverse marine life! Expect to encounter black tip reef sharks, rays, turtles, leopard sharks, octopus, a great variety of colorful fish and on occasion the big stuff like Manta Rays and Whale sharks! Water conditions present mild to strong currents, good visibility and warm temperatures.

How to start

Still not sure if diving is something for you? Give it a try!  My suggestion is to start with a PADI Discover Scuba Dive. This program gives you the opportunity to go straight out on the boat and try scuba diving for a day without any previous experience. To sign up you need to be medically fit for diving and 10 years old. If you are already sure Scuba diving is your thing, you should become a certified diver and sign up for the Open Water Course. You can read more about the course here.

Lanta Diver is a 5 Star Career Development Dive centre (CDC) on the beautiful island Koh Lanta.