Christmas spirit on Koh Lanta


Being Swedish and celebrate Christmas in Thailand is quite different without the snow but I like it anyway!  To get the Christmas spirit on Koh Lanta one of the most important things for me is making the special mulled wine we call Glögg! It’s hot, strong, sweet and spicy and it warms you on cold winter days! Not so cold here on Koh Lanta but it’s perfectly fine to drink it anyway 🙂 To make Glögg you need: Red wine, vodka, Spices (cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, pomerans) and sugar. Let the spices soak in the Vodka for a few hours and then take out the spices from the vodka. Put the vodka in a saucepan together with red wine and suger, let it simmer until sugar melt. Serve hot together with raisins and almonds. Yummy!


Next step for Christmas preparation is Pepparkakor! Pepparkakor is a kind of Ginger bread/cookies and the dough is way to complicated for me to make (I really don’t do bakning) but lucky me my friend does so, last Saturday the whole family went to her house and made the cookies. Oh the lovely scent spreading in the house. No Christmas without the bling bling and getting Christmas decoration here is easy, either you get it the at the “everything-store”, or you get them on Lazada (fantasic web site). I need to have a Christmas tree, without a tree – no Christmas. We always had a real tree in Sweden and for the first time in my life I had to buy a fake one…can you imagine??! When all this is done, I am ready for the holidays! Btw, Having a Christmas tree in the Lanta Diver shop is mandatory and non negotiable (ha ha) … We will put it up this week, come and have a look! Lanta Diver is open every day!

Christmas is also about gathering friends and family and spend a lot of time together. My family and my best friends are in Sweden and I miss them so much, especially this time of year. Wherever you are, make sure you hug your loved ones and be thankful you can.

Happy bubbles and Merry Christmas!