New staff!

I know, I know! Too long since I updated the blog but better late then never, right? I can honestly say that our two first years were tough! A lot of time and energy spent on getting to know the business and our staff, adjust to a new country and lifestyle and toughest of it all – leaving your friends and family. But here we are, a little calmer, more confident and hopefully a bit wiser! We are diving into Lanta Diver season three and it feels amazing to be able to continue our journey!  Our fantastic staff are still with us, just a few adjustments in the Dive shop in Saladan and some new Dive staff.

    Our latest addition in the shop is Pan, who started to work with us this season.  He has been working for various Dive centres for many years and for Lanta Diver during Low season. We are very happy that he decided to join our team full tine! Pan is a PADI instructor and will work on the boat and in the shop. Pan is married to Stephi, who also work in our shop, and they have a beautiful baby boy together. Pan speaks Thai and English. Julie, Stephi and Victoria still work full time in the shop, Bow is working part time now since she opened her own bar in Long beach. It’s called “Free descent Bar” – make sure you pay her a visit!

New Boat!

We are happy to introduce a new boat to Lanta Diver season three! We changed “Popcorn” for a really nice Dive boat quite similar to our boat Lanta Diver 1, only a bit smaller. Her name is Chandeetaweetrub 1, but thats almost impossible to pronounce so we just call her JD! She takes about 40 divers and have a nice seating area under roof, a sundeck and two marine toilets and fresh water showers.  Captain Dech has worked with Lanta Diver before so he knows the Dive sites and how we run things. Welcome aboard!



Diving with (part of) my family!

We have three divers in the family (wish all five of us were divers..) and on rare occations we manage to go diving togehter. We went to Koh Haa for the opening on October 15 and its always so much fun to go the very first day! You might not know, but the Marine park is closed May 16 until October 14 to let the reef rest so when it opens again for the season everyone is very excited!  The captain does a little ceremony when we get to the Dive site to say thank you to the ocean. Koh Haa was just as amazing as ever and my daughter Kerstin (12 years) is a really good diver. She recently finished her Advanced course and I am a proud mother! Our other daughter Nora snorkels but our son Dennis just refuse to be on the boat which is a bit ironic, haha. Anyways, we had a beautiful day and I hope there will be more Dive trips together this season.



And the animals…

Our lovely dog Charlie is still with us and he is three years now. If you haven’t met him, come to the shop in Saladan and give him a cuddle. We also still have our cats Nisse and Taow and a new cat called Junior, adopted from Lanta Animal welfare. Junior is a really funny cat and I belive he is a dog trapped in a cat’s body! He behaves like a dog and Charlie is his best friend! when he lived at Lanta Animal welfare he stayed with the puppies to help them socialize! How cool is that?