Why you should have your own equipment

Even though Lanta Diver has very good rental equipment there are some reasons why it is better to buy your own snorkel and mask. For me it is all about comfort and convenience. When  you have three kids who likes to snorkel everywhere it is very handy that they have their own snorkel gear. If you are a diver I think it’s even more important to have your own gear. Check out our retail shop here.


If you have your own mask that fit your face properly it will reduce the risk of leaking and other discomfort. Same goes for fins.


If you have your own snorkel, you never have to guess who had that snorkel in their mouth before you…


You can take your time choosing  the right mask and snorkel before your trip. Also it is good to know that you have your own gear if you fancy some snorkeling from the beach.

Good investment

Choosing good quality, your equipment will last for years. You will save money in the long run.

Mask and snorkels comes in a large variety of styles and materials, sizes an types. Welcome to our retail shop in Saladan where we can help you choose the right dive / snorkel gear for you! Before you buy a mask you have the possibility to try it in the water! If you buy snorkel, mask and fins you get 10% discount. All our masks have tempered glass and silicon.