Ten weeks in Sweden

We left Lanta on June 6 to go back to Sweden for a long vacation. Our first season as Dive Shop owners has been a roller coaster, fun and scary at the same time. We’ve learned so much the past year and we are filled with new experiences! Since we sold our house in Sweden when we moved to Lanta we have been moving around quite a bit during the summer. Our first five weeks we swapped houses with two different families. They stayed in our house in Koh Lanta and we stayed in their houses in Stockholm and Ekero, perfect solution! We also lived in our summer house for a few weeks, ianother friend’s house and with my sister and her family. I am truly grateful that all this worked out!

I think all Swedish people will remember 2018 as one of the hottest summers in history! The temperature was around 30 degrees Celsius the whole summer and no one could have been more happy than me. But you know Swedish people, if it’s not too rainy or cold it is too hot!

Even though I enjoyed my holiday very much, ten weeks with your husband and kids is A LOT :)) ! Also living in a suitcase for that long is a bit exhausting, we had our things spred all over almost impossible to pack when we were going home. The best thing about being back in Sweden was of course to spend time with my friends and family. My best friend Tåve, took me on a surprise trip to the coast of Norway and that was the highlight of my summer! Four days, just the two of us. Drinking wine and talking and talking.. watching the sun set..and rise! Norway is very beautiful and some day I will spend more time there.

Back on Koh Lanta!

We came back to Koh Lanta August 15 and it felt so good to come home! And Koh Lanta really feels like home now! The first thing we did was to go to our friend Steffi and get Charie! Steffi has been taking care of Charlie during our stay in Sweden and he had a great summer with her, her husband Pan and their two dogs Wooky and Ninja! I have missed him so much and it was pure joy to see him again! Our cats Nisse and Taow stayed in our house during the summer and we had friends taking care of them, and of course we were happy to see them too!

Kids are back in school, not many students there at the moment which is quite nice. We are back at work but taking it easy and slow. Making plans for next season like marketing, maintain the boats and looking over the staff situation. I feel really excited for this season and hope for full boats every day :)).

Lanta Diver I, Koh Haa Lagoon, Koh Lanta, Thailand