Haven’t been scuba diving lately? Feeling a bit rusty?  No problem!

We meet divers of all levels. Most people we meet do not dive regularly (some of them did their last dive 20 years ago) and they sometimes feel a bit insecure and nervous about diving again. Do not worry, the Scuba Review program  is just the refresher you need to brush up on your knowledge and skills! The Review program is carried out on the Dive boat. You will conduct the Refresh with a Dive Master or an Instructor and there are never more than two divers in your group (unless you want to team up with friends or/and family)! If you have a family and they would like to join you on the boat for snorkeling or just relaxing, this can be arranged. If you like to do the Refresh with your partner and you have kids, we can take care of them when you dive!


During the Refresh dive you will:

  • go over important dive theory and safety concepts
  • go over dive planning essentials and problem management.
  • practice putting your gear together and doing a predive safety check with your buddy
  • review the basic scuba skills with a focus on good buoyancy control in the water

Our focus is to make you feel safe and relaxed!

On the boat you will sit down with your Dive Master and go through your previous dive experience: When did you last dive? How many dives do you have? Did you experience any problems during your last dive? Are you worried about something? You will also have a lot of time for all the questions you have. Next step is to go over Dive theory, Safety concepts, Dive planning and problem management. Your Dive Master will show you what skills you will do under water and make sure you understand what will happen once you are in the water.

Before you jump in the water you will also go through equalizing techniques, how to descend in a secure and calm way, review under water hand signals, put your Diving gear together and do a Buddy check.

Your Dive Master will jump in the water before you and make sure you feel safe before descending. You will then descend slowly and your Dive Master will remind you to equalize frequently during the descend. If you have any problems with your ears, you will go up a bit and then try again.  The skills you will practice under water are:

  • empty regulator
  • regulator recovery
  • clear (partly) flooded mask
  • buoyancy control
  • how to position yourself in the water
  • swimming techniques

After the Dive you will get a full debrief and suggestions how to improve your Diving.

Price for Scuba Review/Refresh is 4000 THB and includes:

  • pick up from your resort
  • equipment rental
  • breakfast, lunch, fruit, coffee, tea and drinks

Marine park fee (600 THB) is not included.


See you on the boat!!