Time flies!

I can not believe how quickly time passes by! It is now five month since we sold everything to move to Koh Lanta. When we came to Lanta in August the island was almost asleep and the beaches were empty. We had time to adjust to the climate, our new life, unpack our things and slowly adjust to our new life. There were only 19 kids in the Swedish school Sanuk and “our street” in Southern Lanta residence was quite and we had the pool for ourselves. Slowly the island woke up and just before Christmas it just exploded! Such a contrast to slow season. And I like that it varies!

Combining work and family life

Christmas was very busy and I must say that combining work with family life during this period was not easy. Our kids had Christmas break from school for almost three weeks while we were having our most busy time so far. I felt quite shattered, wanting to be at work at the same time as I felt I needed and wanted to be with my kids. Me and Raymond did our best to take turns being at home and in the shop, but the kids were so bored. Anyways, being bored is not dangerous in anyway and I do think our kids learnt to take care of them self in a way they would never have learnt in Sweden, where they are much more protected. Especially our oldest daughter has become very independent and are going to different places on her own, either by bicycle or Tuk Tuk. I think her independence is also a sign of her getting more and more relaxed and happy about living here. And for me that is crucial. One of my biggest fears was that the kids would be unhappy here and that they wouldn’t accept the move from Sweden to Thailand. Sometimes time is your best friend right? We need time to adjust, time to accept changes, time to melt in to new a environment and time to get to know new people. Time can also be hard. When you miss your family. When you want to see your BFF so bad you are ready to jump on the next flight back to Sweden.


Talking about friends. It is not very easy to make new friend as an adult. I think most people in my age already have the friends they want and the social life they need. So much depends on what you do to meet new people. For me it is very important to have people around that I can talk to and socialize with. And we have met friends here, and I am so grateful for them!  But, I am also very grateful for Messenger and Snap chat :-). Makes me feel closer to my friends than I am. I remember when I was backpacking (about 100 years ago), there where no mobile phones and hardly no internet. I used to make collect calls to my mum and dad and send letters! Could be weeks before I had any contact with my family. Every time we came to a new city we went to the General post office to see if we got any letters. Sometimes there could be 5-10 letters waiting for me and maybe some candy. It was like Christmas! I wonder how it’s going to be when/if our kids travel the world?