The Shop Ladies at Lanta Diver

Since day one I have felt welcome and comfortable in the shop. This is thanks to the fantastic four; Steffi, Victoria, Julie and Bow! I adore these ladies and I couldn’t ask for better shop staff. Meet Lanta Diver Shop Team!

     Meet the Team 


Steffi  has been living  on Koh Lanta since 2013. Steffi grew up in the north part of Germany with her Swedish father and her German mother. Her parents introduced her to diving in her childhood and she  decided to become a Dive professional about five years ago. Steffi is part of the Lanta Diver team since 2016 and she is working in our main Shop in Saladan. She also works as a Dive instructor and enjoys introducing her students to the beauty of Koh Lanta Marine life!

Steffi loves dogs and she and our Shop dog Charlie really get along well!  She is married to Pan and they are building a new house on Koh Lanta for them and their two dogs. Steffi speaks German, English, Swedish and some Thai! Besides taking good care of our customers she likes to take care of the Swedish candy :-).


Victoria came on holiday to Koh Lanta in 2008 & 2009 and loved the island so much she quit the corporate world in London for a more fulfilling life and now spends half her time between Lanta and the UK.

Victoria wasn’t a natural sea dweller and actually had a fear of what lay beneath, always choosing to stay above the ocean either sailing, windsurfing or paddleboarding. When she came to Lanta she was encouraged by friends to go on a few snorkel trips to Koh Rok & The 4 Islands and became curious of the marine world. She finally plucked up the courage to try a Discover Scuba Dive with Lanta Diver. She loved the dive and what she saw so much she went on to do her Open Water course followed by her Advanced Course the following year.

Victoria joined the team at Lanta Diver in 2012 bringing with her organizational and customer service skills, she can be found in the shop most days but occasionally on a day off she likes to join a group on the boat for a day out diving. Victoria has a great sense of humor and loves to have a chat and a laugh!


Julie is our Shop manager and has been working with Lanta Diver since 2004. She became an instructor in 2005 and has not looked back since. A two week stay on a Thai beach for Christmas turned into a life changing event. Julie lived in London and worked as a lawyer for 12 years until in 2002 she decided to take a year off to travel. Traveling throughout Asia, India and Australia she by chance stumbled across Koh Lanta in 2002. Her 10 years working as an Instructor gave her the challenge of teaching students to dive and the reward of introducing them to the underwater world for the first time. A natural progression was to eventually run the Divemaster trainee courses for Lanta Diver and to have the honour of having trained many past and present staff. Not so much in the water now, but you can find her most days in our main shop making sure everything runs smoothly for the many customers we have diving with us year round. When she does have time to get back in the water the fun and excitement is still there even after all these years! Julie is incredibly good at organizing the work in the shop and she knows everything there is to know about diving!


Bow is one of our staff who has worked the longest with us and has been around since 2002. She left her jobs as a computer programmer/system analyst in Bangkok and came to Koh Lanta as she had enough of the big city life. As most people she came to Koh Lanta for short holiday, but she managed to find herself a job as a resort manager! However, after two weeks she realized that it was not what she wanted to do.

Bow decided to do a diving course before she left Koh Lanta. She took her Open Water Course taught by her friend who was working for Lanta Diver at the time. Her friend then approached Bow to offer her a job as we always want Thai staff to join our team. This was even before Bow finished her Open water course! Bow managed to complete the Open Water course up to Dive Master course and join our team as a dive guide and also helping us in the office. Bow then went on to complete her PADI instructor course in 2006. Although these days Bow does not do much guiding and teaching, but you can find her in our main office in Saladan town or in the ocean which she loves. Bow speaks English and Thai and she will answer all the questions you have about diving!