High season is here!

High season is here and we love it!  Lots of people arrive in Koh Lanta around Christmas time and many of them wants to dive with us and we couldn’t be more happy!  This high season is the first one for me and Raymond and we are very excited! It can be quite busy in the shop, especially in the evening, and we are so grateful for our shop ladies Bow, Julie, Steffi and Victoria who knows everything there is to know about diving and snorkeling around Koh Lanta. Me and Raymond do our best to learn all the things in the shop but I feel I am not fast enough :-).  A lot of people are signing up for PADI Open Water courses and that means more people are going to experience the underwater world, and hopefully fall in love with diving!

Christmas is coming up!

As always, our kids are excited about Christmas, even though this Christmas will be a bit different. Instead of spending Christmas evening with their grandmother, cousins and aunt, they will be joining me and Raymond for the Lanta Diver Christmas party! I can not say that they were to excited about it at first but when I explained that they will still get their Christmas presents and the Julskinka (Christmas ham) and meatballs they totally accepted it. We cater all the Christmas food from The Frog, an amazing restaurant in Saladan. Read more about The Frog here .   

When you think about Thailand and high season I think most of us imagine crowded beaches and restaurants. But do not worry!  There are so many beaches along the coast and everyone has their favorite so you can always find a quiet place. We welcome all customers to High season with Lanta Diver and Christmas in Koh Lanta!