Lanta Diver Dive site Koh Ha Lagoon, Koh Lanta Thailand

Koh Ha Lagoon Dive site, Koh Lanta, Thailand, Lanta Diver

As the new owner of Lanta diver I think it is time to start up our blog! First I would like to introduce my self and my family, and tell you how we ended up here, in Koh Lanta, Thailand.

Our family consists of my husband Raymond and our three kids Nora, Kerstin and Dennis. We also have a dog, Charlie, and a cat, Taow. We are from Stockholm, Sweden and as many Swedes we love Thailand! My first visit to Koh Lanta was in 2001, and as a family we have been coming here for holidays since 2005. We have been lucky enough to stay here long periods of time, partly because of the Swedish schools in Koh lanta.

Our first “long stay” here was in 2014/2015 and that was also when we began to talk about the possibility to actually move here. We simply were not very happy with everyday living in Sweden. For me it  felt like the winter’s got longer and longer. It felt like life was all about work, eat, sleep, repeat. It was time for a change! But how? How could we make a living in Koh Lanta? We had no idea at the time!

Lanta diver

Both Raymond and I are divers and we have been diving with Lanta Diver for many years. We just love the atmosphere on the boats, the great staff, the level of attention and safety and of course the beautiful dive sites! Raymond did his Dive master training in Koh lanta in 2014 and later on he became a Dive instructor. I did my advanced course here in Koh lanta and thats enough for me for the moment. If Raymond is the hard core diver, I am the cocktail diver!

When we visited Koh Lanta in 2016 someone mentioned that Lanta Diver might be for sale. Half joke, half serious we said to each other that this is the sign we have been waiting for! Do we want this? YES! Can we do this? Maybe.

Raymond contacted one of the owners, Ulf, and started to talk. And there was a lot of talk and discussions the following year. Our last visit to Koh lanta was February-May this year, and in early may we had come to an agreement and our dream had become true! At first it was almost to good to be true, very hard to grasp. The former owners of Lanta diver, Ulf, Maj-Britt and Thomas has now become friends and we are very happy about that. They have helped us with so many things and for that we will always be grateful!

Lanta diver is an extremely well-managed company and we are so proud to have aquired such a fine dive centre. My career has been in working with people. I have been working as a social worker and a cognitive behaviour therapist for 18 years. To have the possibility to work with both people and diving, it could not be any better! Raymond has worked with business development and marketing for many years. Hopefully our different experiences will make a good contribution to our new business. If you want to read more about diving and snorkelling with Lanta Diver please click here

Leaving Sweden

Even when your dream come true, some things are hard. We built our house about ten years ago and there are so many good memories in that house. I loved my house! Selling the house felt easy at first but ending a chapter in your life is also difficult in some ways. All the things you collect over the years. Photos, souvenirs, clothes from when the kids where babies, all the stuff they created in kindergarten and pre school. We could not keep all that. Our house was 250 sqm and we managed to sell/give away everything we owned except for 15 boxes. Now we have 70 sqm and I have no idea where to put all the stuff from those boxes.

It’s amazing how you can adjust to changes in surroundings and life quite easily! But, things are just things and the hardest part was of course saying good bye to friends and family. I am very close to my family and knowing I would not see my sister and my parents for a very long time was really difficult. Many many tears where shed at our farewell  party.

Hello Koh Lanta!

Coming to Koh Lanta again was like coming home. I had butterflies in my belly and a smile on my face when we came to our house, which is situated in the Southern Lanta residence area. The scent of the sea, the humidity and the warm breeze, all so familiar. At first it all felt so unreal. So many thoughts went through my mind; What if we fail? What if the kids won’t like it here? On the other hand, we did it! We followed our dreams and that is kind of amazing! This blog will continue to be about time. Our time with Lanta Diver. Our time on Koh Lanta. Our time with family and friends. Stay tuned! If you want to know more about Koh Lanta click here.