Today is the National Day of Sweden!

On the 6th of June 1523 Gustav Vasa was crowned king of Sweden, which laid the foundation of Sweden as an independent state. On the very same date in 1809, Sweden adopted a new constitution. In 1916 6th of June became the Swedish Flag Day celebrating the acquiring of our nations own flag. Finally, in 1983 the 6th of June became the official National Day of Sweden and since 2005 it´s also an official public holiday (hurray!).

The original idea of a National Day celebration came from the founder of Skansen Mr. Artur Hazelius, who arranged festivities on this day as early as the 1890s. Every year the Royal Family takes part in a traditional and joyful National Day celebration at Skansen. By tradition Swedish organizations are presented with flags from His Majesty the King during the ceremony. This is accompanied by widespread music and dance performances.

The 6th of June is a day for waving the Swedish flag and celebrating the core values of our country. Swedes celebrate the National Day in different ways. Local festivities are arranged around the nation and many cities have a special ceremony to welcome new Swedish citizens to the country.

As every other Swedish holiday the 6th of June is also celebrated by eating – a lot! However the menu is not as strict as on Christmas or Easter. Swedes tend to light the grill for a barbeque, have a picnic or enjoy the Swedish smörgåstårta and prinsesstårta. Of course we also defy the cold and sit outside for as long as possible.

The 6th of June is a cheerful celebration to acknowledge our country and the people who built it. It also marks the beginning of the summer holidays and all there is to that – happy celebrating! HURRA HURRA HURRA!

Too see a clip from the 2014 National Day celebrations at Skansen, follow the link: